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The Partners of Pax Corporate Finance have conducted numerous successful cross-border transactions.

Pax Corporate Finance extends its geographical coverage by opening offices outside of France and developing special relationships with local merchant banks in regions with barriers to entry such as China, India, and the United States.

In September 2016, PAX Corporate Finance signed a partnership agreement with ACXIT Capital Partners, the number one independent German merchant bank. This agreement will pool their skills and geographical locations, making them one of the leading European players in mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising.

PAX CORPORATE FINANCE and their partner AXCIT CAPITAL PARTNERS have accumulated over 450 transactions and operate through 13 offices in 8 countries.

Nos partenaires

  • Paris, Genève

  • acxit

    Berlin, Francfort, Leipzig, Munich, Zurich, Vienne, Budapest, Hong Kong

  • New York

  • cicc


  • Tata Capital