Jan 2020

AVIWEST raises €8 million and strengthens its international development capacity.

Customers and counterparties

AVIWEST, a specialist in professional video transmission solutions, has raised €8 million from Go Capital, Turenne Group, Sodero Gestion and UNEXO.


AVIWEST, the world’s leading provider of video contribution systems, announced that it has raised €8 million.

The investments made by Go Capital, Turenne Group, Sodero Gestion and UNEXO, Groupe Crédit Agricole, will help accelerate AVIWEST’s growth and bolster its product and service offerings, while consolidating its commercial presence worldwide.

The video production and contribution market is booming, offering AVIWEST numerous opportunities to create new products and innovative solutions along with high added-value services.

AVIWEST plans to step up its research and development efforts in order to maintain its technological edge and responsiveness, enabling it to offer its international customers highly innovative, reliable and robust solutions. The company, which generates more than 85% of its turnover from exports, also plans to strengthen its presence in high-potential areas.

“The media world is changing and demand for flexible solutions to produce live mobile video content is growing rapidly. There is now a big push among broadcasters to use public IP networks, whether the Internet or cellular networks, to transmit video streams, and this trend will grow with the rollout of 5G. Our IP network aggregation technology implemented in our products, which has received two Emmy® Awards, eliminates the technical constraints associated with the use of these networks by guaranteeing exceptional quality while significantly reducing operational costs", said Ronan Poullaouec, Chief Technology Officer at AVIWEST.
“Thanks to these investments, we will implement an aggressive commercial strategy allowing us to consolidate our international presence, especially in the United States and China. We plan to increase our workforce by hiring around 50 people in the coming months", said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST.

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