Jun 2013

The Breton 3D CAD visualization editor for mobile terminals continues its development with the support of Starquest Capital.

Customers and counterparties

Traditional CAD publishers today face a technological impasse to manage complex 3D digital models on mobile terminals. Indeed, these devices are limited in terms of computing power (GPU, CPU) or memory to run these extremely resource-intensive models.

The technology developed for 5 years by Newscape Technology allows users to visualize and manipulate complex 3D models on tablets or any other terminal with low power and/or memory capacity.
Advised in its fund raising by PAX Corporate Finance, the publisher turns to Starquest Capital, which brings a first envelope of 400 k€.

Disruptive technology with global reach

Initially positioned in B2C on the LBS (Location Based Services) mobile applications sector and rewarded at the Nokia Calling All Innovators, the company has extended the scope of its technology to B2B by attacking the 3D CAD visualization market.

Its flagship product, NST 3D CAD, enables users to manipulate 3D models in all complex industrial fields. The company, which has already acquired major references in the shipbuilding, energy production (GDF-ENDEL) and oil exploration (TOTAL) sectors, has an extensive commercial pipeline ranging from aeronautics to space, including armaments.

Objective: strengthening application R&D and increasing the number of hooks with key accounts
The start-up of around ten people will use the funds to continue its R&D, deliver the new business signed and continue its development with key accounts in France and Europe.

Associate members