Business transfers

Oct 2019

The Manesq network of medical biology laboratories opts to join Cerba Healthcare.

Customers and counterparties

Headed by Jérôme Peretti, Manesq is an independent medical biology company located in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Backed by three sampling sites and a technical platform in Manosque, the laboratory generates €6.5 million in revenue.

The three biologists-partners, who wanted to join forces with a national partner, had appointed Pax Corporate Finance to help them with the process. After talks with major French companies, Cerba Healthcare stood out from the competition by offering a project in which Manesq would be a key player in the development of its new Cerballiance Hautes-Alpes Durance division.

Cerba Healthcare is a world leader in medical biology. With nearly 600 biologists working at its 450 local laboratories and its 150 sampling centers, the group focuses on five complementary activities:

  • Specialized medical biology centered at Laboratoire Cerba,
  • Local medical biology,
  • Veterinary biology and genetics,
  • Clinical trial biology,
  • Diagnostic test biology.

Present on 5 continents, Cerba Healthcare provides care for 25 million patients each year. This acquisition will allow the group to extend its nationwide coverage by developing its new Cerballiance Hautes-Alpes Durance division based on an already well-established laboratory.

In this way, the Manesq laboratory will pursue its local development while leveraging significant synergies, particularly in the area of bacteriology.

“Given the new challenges faced by the medical biology sector at both the medical and financial level, Manesq's shareholders decided to join forces with a large national group. We decided to request assistance from Pax Corporate Finance, a specialist in these types of mergers in our sector, in order to optimize the price and conditions of such a transaction. This merger will secure the future of the technical platform that already exists in the Manosque region, with a superior technical offering," said Jérôme Peretti.

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