Nov 2020

Groupe Sprint signs two new growth operations with the simultaneous takeover of Advence and Leclerc Imprimerie. It thus continues its ascent with a fivefold increase in sales since 2017.

Customers and counterparties

Led by Foad Rad, the group specializing in the production of premium communication media for large groups is the sector’s main leader. It has effectively signed its 8th external growth operation in less than four years. The group, which now exceeds 30 million euros in turnover, is planning further acquisitions and to double in size by early 2021.

With Advence and Leclerc, Groupe Sprint now has additional sales of 10 million euros. These successive acquisitions do not only add up to the turnover. They combine expertise and make it possible to cover all the needs of print advertisers. Above all, they make it possible to limit recourse to subcontracting, achieve economies of scale and consequently increase margin.

The Groupe Sprint, now capable of covering all needs thanks to its numerous acquisitions, benefits from significant economies of scale that lighten its cost structure. The Foad Rad group is in fact very profitable and is actively studying opportunities for consolidation. The 9th growth operation is expected at the beginning of 2021. The group, which will again double in size in 2021, expects to reach 100 million euros in turnover in the very near future and has the ambition to become the leader in its market.

Associate members