Business transfers

Jun 2019

nod-A works with Sia Partners

Customers and counterparties

Present in Paris, Lyon and Montreal, nod-A offers major organisations the means (method, workshops, tools, training) to foster commitment among employees in their work and to redeploy them by developing their efficiency with new work methods that are more collaborative and agile.

As part of their digital transformation, major organisations are learning to work with the help of the key roles played by the new digital organisations. The company was created in 2009 by Marie-Noeline Viguié and Stéphanie Bacquere, seasoned hands in the spheres of consulting, digital and collaborative approaches.

The founders are also the creators of the Makestorming approach and the authors of an award-winning book on corporate hacking. With over 80 clients, 400 sprints organised and over 40,000 Makestorming followers, nod-A is a key player on its market and has attracted the interest of several major consultancies keen on integrating such know-how into their service offerings and their own corporate culture.

With 1,250 consultants in 15 countries and 40% of net sales on the international market, Sia Partners has quickly shown its ability to put the methods and tools designed by nod-A on the map as a foundation for its international thrust.

With 100% of the capital held by its managers and chaired by Matthieu Courtecuisse, Sia Partners has set its sights on becoming the leader in Consulting 4.0 through the use of artificial intelligence.

The group is planning on expanding its service offerings by leveraging the skills of nod-A and raising the awareness of its staff worldwide with regard to these methods.

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