Business transfers

Apr 2017

The SFEIR managers carry out a primary MBO with UI Gestion.

Customers and counterparties

Based in Neuilly-sur-Seine (92) and with offices in Lille, Strasbourg and Luxembourg, SFEIR is a French leader in digital transformation.

Relying on one of the best teams of developers on the market, SFEIR has built up expertise in cutting-edge technologies used on the most advanced and disruptive transformation projects.

In addition, SFEIR is one of the few companies worldwide with several Google Developers Experts within its workforce.

SFEIR supports development projects that fluidize and accelerate the digital transformation of customers of all sizes and sectors, and implements, with its customers, an innovative partner approach, characterized by Gartner Group as “mode 2” to create differentiating and sustainable value with a UX/UI, Cloud, IoT, API and Data approach.

SFEIR was taken over in 2007 by Pierre Dalmaz, former director of Transiciel then Sogeti, through the structures he controls and took the Presidency to redirect it towards digital transformation and innovation. SFEIR has enjoyed very sustained growth in recent years and will achieve a turnover of more than 35m€ this year with 380 sfeiriens.

The 5-year development project aims to reach more than €50m of activity, by consolidating SFEIR’s positions and maintaining a high level of technical expertise focused on value creation.

This strategy is supported by a strong identity project aimed at customers and key profiles, notably thanks to an innovative recruitment and training policy (SFEIR Playoffs, SFEIR Schools). Sfeirians actively contribute to the dissemination of new technologies within expert communities through numerous Meetups, Conferences and Technology Shows. Finally, this positioning is also expressed through close relationships with major players in digital transformation such as Google, Microsoft, School 42, LinkedIn and Codingame.

On the strength of this success, Pierre Dalmaz wanted to hand over the operational management of SFEIR to the Management team, which is committed to this innovative business project.

Didier Girard and Bruno Le Forestier, who will now manage the Group, will become shareholders alongside seven key executives.  Pierre Dalmaz will take over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and will retain, through his structures, a majority stake in the capital.

To support them in this transmission and development project, Pierre Dalmaz and the SFEIR managers chose an investor who had perceived the challenges of the transformation concept and who could actively support them in this strategy. They have therefore chosen to partner with UI Gestion, which is part of its ambition to support strong development projects alongside entrepreneurial leaders.

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